Workouts For Bigger Biceps

Workouts For Bigger Biceps

Workout For Bigger Biceps

Workouts For Bigger Biceps

Hello there !!! Shieldalpha is here…. are you too looking for workouts that can blast your biceps or give you massive biceps?? no worries, as in this post “workouts for bigger biceps” we will talking about how to achieve that goal. This is one among the essential workout routines you’d want to try and do. Everyone loves having a decent and massive biceps it gives strength to lift other things also especially for pulling something so it’s better to train your arm each week.

Let’s start with this biceps blaster which is able to amaze the beginners.

Let’s hit it!!

Workout For Bigger Biceps

Warm-up: Pushups, close grip pull-ups and 10 reps with light weight.

Sets: 3, Reps: 12-10-8, Rest time: 30-60 sec

Exercise: 6 BICEPS


Dumbell Biceps Curls

Pick up the load as per your strength which might perform 12 reps initially . You’ll increase or decrease the load and also change the quantity of reps in each set.

This is often the killer workout hence going slow at the highest will provide a better shape and can make your biceps longer as well.

Going slow and steady is the key here.


BB Biceps Curls

This is the strength builder exercise. Control is critical here and this exercise with strict movement with provide you with bigger biceps.

Pick up the barbell, put weights as per your strength and again do it slowly but don’t get your shoulder fully involved in it.

All you have got to do is lock your elbow and pull the barbell up till you get a full contraction.

Remember, squeeze and contraction is important here.


Hammer Curls

Hammer curl is the best exercise to build big biceps and in bonus, you’ll work on forearms moreover.

You’ll be able to perform this on the machine too.

All you would like to try and do here is, pull up the load slowly and slowly let it go down.

Elbows should be locked otherwise it’ll not hit the biceps. Attempt to hold it for 5-10 seconds up, it’ll hit the muscle more.


EZ BB Peacher Curl

Here on preacher, you’ll fully focus on biceps and with restriction. Put the load as per your strength and remember, weight should be less and this can build the better ball shape of biceps.

Here, you must go slowly while dropping the weights otherwise you’ll injure yourself.


EZ BB Close Grip Curl

This will work on shaping the biceps long with building strength and endurance too.

Just pick up the load and try to perform in good shape, it’ll surely show the result with time.

Contract action at the top is very important, just lock your elbows and move slightly forward towards shoulders so you’ll get a much better range of motion.


Concentration Curls

This is the best exercise to provide an excellent aesthetic look on biceps.

Which works on the upper portion/long hrad of biceps? it’s done at finisher because it provides the strength which you would like to extend the performance also .

Here you don’t have to be compelled to involve your shoulder. Just go rest your elbow on the side of your knee and perform the curl with proper form.

Build those muscles pumped up and impress your women 😉.

1. How many times one can perform biceps workout in a week?

You can train your biceps daily. As biceps and triceps are small muscle groups you can train them 6 days a week (condition applied). If you want to train them daily we suggest you to perform only 1 variation i.e. one exercise of 3-5 sets and not more then that. If you are performing more then one exercise for biceps and triceps daily, it can put a lot of strain on those muscles and cause injury. If you are looking to more then one variation for biceps then you can train them twice a week.

2. Which workout can be performed after biceps workout?

Biceps are smaller muscles group, it is best to train smaller muscles groups togather. If you are looking for which muscle to train next day after biceps day, then you can train any major muscle group. we usually do not suggest to train your back after biceps as it works up your biceps more but you can train your biceps after back. As for us we usually train legs after biceps day

3. How much should i lower my hand during biceps curls?

While maintaining tension on your biceps, curl the bar/dumbell up to shoulder height, then give your biceps a one-second squeeze. Once the bar/dumbell is back in the start position, straighten your arms fully to tense your triceps to ensure that your biceps are worked through the fullest possible range of motion. You should lower your hand below 90 degree.

4. Should we do dumbell curls And hammer curls separately or simultaneously?

You can do them in both ways, you can do them separately each day or simultaneously the same day.

5. Should we do different biceps curls variation in every set?

No, Each exercise targets different muscles. you should not do different variations of exercise in each set. Instead you can do 3-6 sets for one exercise and the change the exercise and do the no. of sets.


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