Tips Of Height Increase

Tips Of Height Increase

Tips to Height Increase

Tips Of Height Increase

Hello there !! shield alpha here !! How are you all ?? Are you all fit and fine ?? Are you guys doing regular exercises ?? coz you should… any ways talking about out todays topic, if you are here that means you might be searching about “Tips Of Height Increase” or either through our shared links, so in this post we will be talking about all the things about height and how to increase your height

Tips to Height Increase


Age 18 the growth mile stone

  • A growth spurt happens during puberty. By age 18, puberty is over and you grow at a slow pace.

What you would like to try and do

  • If you wish to growth taller, you would like to urge a balanced nutrition, exercise regularly and avoid unhealthy habit.


  • When puberty starts, the pituitary gland releases HGH(human growth hormone), which is liable for the growth of bones. At the tip of puberty, hormonal changes cause the growth to prevent or hamper .

Go out doors and enjoy sunlight

  • Sunlight is that the best natural source of vitamin D .

What you wish to try and do

  • Go outdoors and expose yourself into the morning sunlight.


  • Evidence pointed that sunlight can increase the body’s vitamin D levels. vitamin D helps within the absorption of calcium. It’s essential for bone growth and health.

Fitted clothes is your most suitable option

  • Wearing well fitted clothes provide you with a taller figure.

What you wish to try and do

  • Choose well fitted clothes and avoid big, baggy, oversized clothes.


  • Well fitted clothes will show the correct body figure proportion, with a brief torso and longer legs. With that, your silhouette is stretched upward and you look taller.
  • However, big, baggy and oversized clothes will make your torso looks massive and legs look shorter, thus making you look shorter than you really are.

High heels make you taller

  • Your height can increase 3 inches at average by wearing high heels.

What you wish to try and do

  • Try and find comfortable high heel shoes.


  • Your legs will look longer when wearing high heels, thus making you look taller.
  • High heel shoes also will force you to square up straight to keep up balance, thus helping you to own a decent posture within the long run

Keep you in good mood

  • Smiling everyday contributes to your height increase.

What you wish to try and do

  • Maintain a decent mood all the time and find the nutrition you need.


  • Studies show that a foul mood will stunt your height increase.
  • It slows down the digestion and therefore the cell repair and growth of your body.
  • Your body cannot get enough nutrients to support growing.
  • Keeping you in a very good mood helps you absorb the nutrients you wish and grow taller.

Stay away from bad habits

  • Unhealthy habits like drinking alcohol and smoking will stunt your growth, and also affect your health.

What you wish to try and do

  • Limit or avoid alcohol and cigarette if you would like to grow taller.


  • Alcohol. Drinking can inhibit growth and affect the natural functioning of the body.
  • Cigarette. Smoking leads to a rise in carbon monoxide within the blood, therefore the blood contains a lower concentration of minerals and vitamins.

These foods stunt growth

  • In addition to gene, about 20-40% of your height is decided by nutrition.
  • Balanced nutrition is helpful for increasing height.

What you wish to try and do

  • Get balanced nutrition, and avoid foods that may stunt your growth.


  • Carbonated drink. It contains orthophosphoric acid. Calcium is expended by your body from your bones to neutralize it.
  • Sugar. it’s going to reduce the absorption of calcium.
  • Junk food. It’s high in saturated fats but low in nutrients that assist you grow taller. It also affects your body’s ability to provide HGH.

Did you exercise today?

  • Exercise regularly helps to extend your height even after the standard grow ages.

What you wish to try and do

  • Follow our science-based training plan and make exercise a daily habit.


  • Exercise increases the assembly of HGH(human growth hormone) by stimulating the nerve ends which are directly related to the pituitary gland.
  • Regular exercise also increases bone density and stop osteoporosis which will result in the shrink of your height.

Can you increase height after age 18

  • Yes! After age 18, you grow at a slow pace, but you continue to have an opportunity to grow taller even after age 25.

What you wish to try and do

  • Get balanced nutrition, exercise regularly and avoid unhealthy habits.


  • Usually, men nearly stop growing at age 25, and ladies at age 21. However, the number may be changed.
  • Research shows even after age 18, the discharge of HGH, a hormone that’s accountable for the growth, may be triggered by certain exercises and proper nutrition

Maintain good posture

  • Your sitting and standing posture affect your height.
  • Poor posture will make your look shorter than your actual height.

What you wish to try and do

  • Always sit and stand in an upright position.


  • The ideal posture may be a position along with your shoulders back, back straight and head in line together with your body.
  • Good posture cannot only straighten your spine, relax your muscles and increase your height, but also prevent neck and back pain caused by poor posture.

Stretch can increase your height

  • Stretching is a perfect way to lengthen your spine to its full length.

What you wish to try and do

  • Practice certain stretching exercises like toe touches, cobra and pull-ups.


  • Due to gravity, the discs in your spine are compressed throughout the day.
  • Stretching exercises elongate your spine to its full length.
  • Stretch regularly can increase your height by 1 to 2 inches, make your spine flexible and provides you good posture.

Yoga is actually helpful

  • Performing yoga releases the stress and relaxes your body.
  • It results in a release of the growth hormone.

What you wish to try and do

  • Perform yoga along side appropriate exercise and balanced nutrition to maximise the results.


  • Besides stimulating the growth hormones, practicing yoga helps you relieve stress on your back, corrects poor posture and causes you to stand straighter.
  • It contributes to the general development of your body.

Practice hanging Exercises

  • Hanging is an antigravity exercise that may cause you to grow taller naturally.

What you wish to try and do

  • Keep the good form, practice hanging for 20-30 seconds and take 1-2 min breaks for every repetition.


  • When hanging, your spine, muscles and joints will stretch forth completely.
  • It helps lengthen and straighten your spine.
  • The blood and oxygen circulation are going to be improved as your muscles stretch, this can lead to a natural stretch in your body.

You need aerobic exercise

  • Aerobic exercises can stretch your muscles and ligament to promote your growth.
  • Besides exercises in our training plans, some aerobic exercises may also assist you increase your height, such as swimming, cycling, skipping, etc.
  • Especially swimming, swimming can stretch your spine, and after you swim, the water neutralizes the results of gravity on the spine.
  • Breaststroke is that the best for growing taller.

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