What Is Natural Bodybuilding ?

What Is Natural Bodybuilding ?

What Is Natural BodyBuilding

What Is Natural Bodybuilding ?

Hello there !! shield alpha here !! How are you all ?? Are you all fit and fine ?? Are you guys doing regular exercises ?? coz you should… any ways talking about out todays topic, if you are here that means you might be searching about “What Is Natural Bodybuilding ?” or either through our shared links, so in this post we will be talking about What is bodybuilding and what are the bodybuilding exercises

Bodybuilding might be a sport during which the most objective is to develop and improve one’s musculature in an attempt to maximize aesthetics for the aim of appearing as physically impressive as possible.

Male and feminine athletes showcase their best look on stage per annum and physiques are judged on

  • muscle size,
  • symmetry,
  • and conditioning

which are essential for an entire package.

The training consists of implementing progressive overload and time under tension to interrupt down muscle tissue which initiates the repair process, leading to bigger and more dense muscle otherwise referred to as hypertrophy.

So, rep ranges are typically above what strength athletes train with although maximal muscular development requires progressive strength improvement, therefore, all rep ranges are necessary.

But bodybuilders also tend to coach using more single-joint, isolation movements since aesthetics are the most goal here.

Diet must even be very detailed with a perfect ratio of macronutrients

  • protein
  • carbohydrates
  • fats

to support muscle growth, fuel workouts, and lose body fat.

This is often another aspect of bodybuilding which differs greatly from strength athletes who although follow an honest diet plan, don’t need to be as precise with their nutrition.

But bodybuilding may be a hugely popular sport round the world and therefore the purely visual element draws many spectators to competitions and events per annum .

Bodybuilding Key Exercises

Bodybuilders still specialize in the multi-joint, compound exercise for building mass and strength.

But, some exercises are definitely interchangeable since being proficient in certain movements isn’t a requirement.



Although the traditional barbell squat isn’t 100% absolutely necessary for building huge legs, it should be a staple exercise for anyone who is in a position to securely and effectively roll in the hay without knee and back pain.

So, thereupon being said, the rear and front squat variations are both extremely effective for loading the leg muscles, although the quads are typically the dominant mover.

And because bodybuilders aren’t judged by range of movement, there’s no got to squat butt to ankles unless you’ve got the mobility and structural means to try to to so.

But even then, it’s not necessary to squat below parallel for the aim of building muscle.

Also, it’s generally prescribed that higher rep ranges are more ideal when the goal is hypertrophy, although all rep ranges are important.

Therefore, training is typically much different than how strength athletes would program the squat.

Bench Press

Bench Press

The bench press is that the ultimate chest builder because you’ll load the pectorals with tons of weight to make a maximal growth stimulus,

which is that the idea right?… correct.

Now, most of the people can safely and effectively execute the barbell bench press with proper form and lifting a weight that’s manageable.

And it’s hard to beat the traditional bench press for getting an enormous chest.

But dumbbells are a wonderfully effective alternative and you’ll even improve the event of your stabilizer muscles while having the power to urge a good better chest contraction thanks to the freer range of movement.

And that’s the sweetness of bodybuilding… ready to “> you’ll use many various tools and it doesn’t matter as long as you’re able to get optimal results.

Cables, machines, and anything in between also are very valuable when it involves building your physique.



You might be thinking…

“squat, bench, and now the deadlift… this is often beginning to appear as if a powerlifter’s routine”.

Well, until we discover exercises that are better than the large three (big four if you count the overhead press) for developing muscle and strength, there’ll be no differences in exercise selections.

The deadlift is an entire-body movement that works your lower and upper body additionally to your core muscles. And most would argue that it does so better than the other exercise when talking about an ‘overall’ builder.

But nobody could disagree that it’s the sole movement which can leave the physical body to lift its absolute limit in weight.

And there are really no substitutes for employing a straight barbell although a trap bar and dumbbells are often viable alternatives.

Then as far as variations go, conventional with a double overhand grip are going to be best for many people, while a mixed grip has its place and therefore the Sumo deadlift is employed by many of us successfully.

Overhead press

Overhead Press

The overhead press for shoulders is what the bench press is to the chest.

It’s the simplest thanks to overload the deltoids and it still works the upper chest to a degree along side the triceps which are always involved in pressing movements.


Chest Dip

The dip may be a superior exercise for triceps and chest develop.

You’ll use your own bodyweight or add more weight to actually challenge yourself.

Maintaining an upright torso will target recruit more of the triceps to execute the movement while leaning forward will shift more of the load toward the chest.



It’s the undisputed, best upper body bodyweight exercise for developing the rear , biceps, and forearm muscles.

The pull-up/chin-up is non-negotiable and will be a staple for those that desire to experience maximum overall development.


Barbell Rows

The row is true up there with the simplest back exercises because it’s a superior movement when training for overall development.

There are many various variations although weight movements employing a barbell and/or dumbbells are undoubtedly the foremost effective.

Isolation exercises

Bodybuilders also utilize isolation movements

(e.g dumbbells curl, tricep pushdown, leg extension, direct core work, etc) for every muscle group for max muscle development although secondary to the most lifts.


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