Workout Splits

Workout Splits

Workout Splits

Workout Splits

Hello there !! shield alpha here !! How are you all ?? Are you all fit and fine ?? Are you guys doing regular exercises ?? coz you should… any ways talking about out todays topic, if you are here that means you might be searching about “Workout Splits” or either through our shared links, so in this post we will be talking about all the things about Splits, what are 3 types of Workout Splits and we will share some of the plans that you can try.

A workout split is how you divide up your workouts throughout the week either by body region, movement, specific part , or by lift.

This divide-and-conquer approach to exercise allows bodybuilders and general gym-goers to focus their efforts during a way that optimizes results.

Instead of hoping for bigger muscles or more strength, you guarantee it by sticking to an idea proven to figure . Workout splits allow you to figure smarter and harder.

They are:

  1. Body part workout splits
  2. An upper/lower workout split
  3. A push, pull, legs workout split

Body part Workout Split

Monday: Chest and triceps

Tuesday: Back and biceps

Wednesday: Legs and shoulders

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Chest and triceps

Saturday: Back and biceps

Sunday: Legs and shoulders

Pros Of a Body part Workout Split

  • Your focus is about on two muscles for the whole session.
  • Allows for full recovery.
  • Less equipment is required during your session.
  • You’re less tired since you’re not understanding multiple muscles.

Cons Of a Body part Workout Split

  • If you miss a workout day, it takes longer to catch up on that body part.
  • You may become impatient expecting a selected session.
  • Some body parts may recover faster than others body parts.

What Else You Can Try: 

Monday: Chest and Back

Tuesday: Shoulder And Arms (Biceps, Triceps)

Wednesday: Legs

Thursday: Rest


Upper/Lower Workout Split

Monday: Upper body

Tuesday: Lower body

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Upper body

Friday: Lower body

Saturday & Sunday: Rest

Pros of Upper/Lower Workout Split

  • You’re within the gym less.
  • You’re still hitting each muscle twice per week.
  • You can work on increasing the most lifts.

Cons of Upper/Lower Workout Split

  • There’s less volume per workout.

What Else You Can Try: 

Monday: Upper body

Tuesday: Lower body

Wednesday: Cardio

Thursday: Upper body

Friday: Lower body

Saturday: Cardio/Crossfit

Sunday: Rest

Push, Pull, Legs Workout Split

Monday: Push (heavy bench press)

Tuesday: Pull (heavy deadlift)

Wednesday: Legs (heavy back squat)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Push (high volume or alternatives of bench press)

Saturday: Pull (high volume or deadlift alternative)

Sunday: Legs (high volume or alternative for back squat)

Pros of Push, Pull, Legs

  • Emphasis on training specific muscles.
  • Ample recovery time.

Cons of push, push, legs

  • Less room for modification to deal with weak points.
  • More time within the gym.
  • More equipment is required .

What Else You Can Try: 

Monday: Push

Tuesday: Pull

Wednesday: Legs

Thursday: Shoulder And Arms

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Back And Legs (Focus On Hamstrings)

Abs 2x per week

Bro Split:

Monday: Back

Tuesday: Chest

Wednesday:  Legs

Thursday: Shoulders

Friday: Biceps/Triceps

Saturday: cardio/crossfit/rest

Sunday: Rest


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